Marco Aurélio Martins Tamura

Brazilian, 25 years old


Bachelor of Game Design, Universidade Anhembi Morumbi

Imaginism In-house WorkShop

Montreal Schoolism Workshop

Toronto Schoolism Workshop

ICS- Production and Digital Painting
(2018- Currently attending)


Portuguese: Native Speaker

English: Fluent Speaking, Advanced reading, advanced writing;
(PBF-2010; Cambridge Pet- 2008)

Japanese: Advanced Speaking, Intermediate reading (JLPT N3), Intermediate writing;
(Megumi Gakuen- currently Attending; JLPT N3)

Spanish: Fluent Speaking, Advanced Reading, Advanced writing;

French: Intermediate Speaking, advanced Reading, Intermediate writing;
(Wizard-2017) (Particular Classes- Currently attending)

--Technical Skills--

Adobe Photoshop- Digital illustration, painting and animation

Spine 2D- Rigging/2D animation-

Adobe Flash (Animate CC)- 2D animation

Unity 3D- Prototyping and basic C# coding.

Basics on Maya, 3Ds Studio Max and Indesign

--Professional Experience--

Axion Studios (2D art/Illustration)

Lightseekers (2017-2018)

RedZero (Game Design School)
Game Design Teacher(2016-2017)

Reload Game Studio 2D Artist,Game Designer and Art Director:

-Cheesecake Cool Conrad (2014-Steam)
(Character Design, Level Design, promotional pieces)

-Rum for Rum (2014- Steam)
-(Cutscene animation, color)

-Get Over Here (Ouya/Steam/Ps4-2015)
(Character Design, Character animation, UI design, background designs)

-Find Me (Web/2016)
(Character design, UI Design, Animation)

-DaWolves (2017 upcoming console game)
(Art direction support, sprite animation, technical art)

Flipstar Game Studio Concept artist

-Flipstar Kart battle (2016-TBA)
(Character Design and Art Direction)

Exhibitor BGS 2014/2015

Project Pitching BIG (Brazil independent Game Festival 2014/2015)

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